Chopped wheat straw Chopped wheat straw Chopped rapeseed straw Chopped rapeseed straw

Agri Fibers

Traditional roughage such as grass and corn has too little structure and mass. Chopped straw from our Agri Fibres range is ideal as a supplement for standard roughage and is now a permanent feature of modern stockbreeding. Chopped straw is also rich in cellulose and therefore easily digestible.

Due to the shorter length of straw fibres, compared with standard large bale straw, chopped straw ensures better stimulation and working of the gut. This results in better absorption of all the nutrients in the roughage. In addition, chopped straw is dust extracted, unlike standard straw in large bales.

Chopped straw is conveniently packed in 20kg plastic bales. This makes it easier to measure out the exact portion per cow per day.

All these factors together lead to a reduction in the total feed cost per cow.

The Agri Fibres range consists of:

  • Chopped wheat straw 3 - 7 cm
  • Chopped rapeseed straw 3 - 7 cm

The details and advantages of each product can be found on the product pages

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