Horse bedding

Just like roughage, the bedding largely determines the well-being of a horse. Standard straw in large bales is not always easy to handle and the quality is not always consistent. For horses that are allergic to dust and spores, it is certainly not recommended.

The Horse Bedding range offers an alternative solution to large bales.

  • Flax: Chopped stems from the flax plant
  • Straw-based bedding:
    • Chopped wheat straw 1 - 5 cm
    • Chopped rapeseed straw 1 - 5 cm
    • Straw pellets
  • Wood-based bedding:
    • Small and large flake woodshavings 
    • Sawdust
    • Wood pellets

The Horse Bedding range offers the following benefits:

  • 100% natural products
  • Dust-extracted
  • High absorption capacity
  • Conveniently packed in 20 kg plastic bales and stacked on pallets with a waterproof cover

The details and advantages of each product can be found on the product pages

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