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Horse Dinner

Pre-dried italian rye grass

Horse Dinner is a source of fibre and energy for your horse and is dust extracted. The pleasant taste and smell will satisfy and please the horse.


  • 100 % natural, free of preservatives and chemicals
  • The moisture content in the product prevents dust
  • Rich in energy, higher nutritional value than hay
  • Rich in fibre, so ideal for digestion
  • Compressed and packed in a 18 kg bale, ideal for transport and storage

Tips for use

  • A standard portion consists of 1 kg a day per 100 kg live weight
  • Depending on work load and condition.
  • In order for the product to stay fresh, packaging must not be damaged.
  • Keeps for 7 days after opening.
Jopack Horse Fibers HorseDinner


Dry matter (DM) 60-70%
Moisture content 40%
Protein content 5%
Crude fibre 18%
Crude ash 5%
Calcium 0,12%
Phosphorus 0,11%
pH value 5,5
Fructane content <3%


Weight 18.00
Dimensions 60 x 45 x 24
Bales/Pallet Max. 50
Cover No
Walking floor (poured loose) Block

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