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Dustfree natural Hay

The horse is a herbivore that needs quality hay every day. TopHay is hay from natural grasslands and meets this need perfectly. TopHay is dust-free and has a wonderful grass scent, so that the horse is always hungry and the hay is digested optimally!

Thanks to the handy pre-cut portions, every horse owner knows exactly how much hay he gives per meal. The horse never gets too little, but also never too much hay.

« Appétent, sans poussière, pratique, le TopHay is a foin magnifique pour les chevaux » Nelson Pessoa


  • 100 % natural meadow hay, free of herbicides and preservatives
  • Dry, dust-extracted and sifted twice
  • Long fibres, low in protein and rich in cellulose
  • Pleasant, natural smell of grass
  • Compressed and packed in a 13 kg or 18kg bale, ideal for transport and storage

Tips for use

A standard portion consists of 1 - 2 kg a day per 100 kg live weight,
depending on work load and condition.


Dry matter (DM) 87
Protein content 8%
Crude fibre 30%
Crude ash 5%
Calcium 0,2%
Phosphorus 0,15%
pH value 6,5
Fructane content <2%


Weight 13.00 18.00
Dimensions 80 x 40 x 23 80 x 40 x 35
Bales/Pallet Max. 33 -
Cover Yes
Palet Euro Industrie

How to use

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